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  • Extruder with Twin Screw Feeding Unit

    Extruder with twin screw feeding unit consist of twin screw , taper barrel transmission device etc , it is mainly used to feeding lump material , no need to make rubber sheet form from mixing mill...
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  • Rubber Vulcanizer Press

    Application : Press machine mainly used for vulcanize flat rubber belt ( such as fabric core conveyor belt, steel core conveyor belt, transmission belt, rubber mat, thicker rubber sheet ),...
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  • Banbury Mixer

    1. Application : it is used for rubber compound mixing or plasticizing 2. Structure : 2.1 Compound mixed by banbury with good uniformity , good dispersion for carbon black and other dosing...
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  • Compounding Mixing

    1. Application The machine is mainly used for mixing and plasticating of rubber or plastics. 2. Construction Features a. Different type of rotors can satisfy the mixing technical requirement . b....
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  • Roller-head Mixer

    Twin screw roller head extruder also called Dump Extruder cum with sheeting roller head,or double screw type sheeting mill, Twin screw roller head extruder is matched with banbury mixer for large...
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  • Rubber Mixing Mill

    The rubber mixing mill is also called two roll open mill , rubber mixer ,open mixing mill machine, two roll mill and etc.It is widely used for rubber compound mixing or rubber sheeting. Structure...
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  • Pin-barrel Cold Feed Rubber Extruder

    rubber extruder/rubber machine/pin-barrel extruder/hot feed extruder barrel is composed feed roller assembly, found double deck barrel and linear bushing of barrel . This barrel is composed...
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  • Feeding Extruder

    This kind of extruder is used for supplying rubber material for calender machine line , with standard feeding head . Screw : material is 38CrMoAlA , the thickness of nitrogen treatment is...
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  • 4 Roll Rubber Calender Machine

    Rubber calender is usually called rubber calender, rubber calendering machine, or calender. Advantage 1. The 4 rolls are separately driven by 4 DC motors, which allow a wide rang of speed...
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  • Conveyor Belt Calender

    Application The calender is mainly used for single-face and double –face once continuous coating of card, canvas and other woven material, sheeting rubber stock , calendaring thin rubber sheet of...
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  • Rotocure Machine

    Rotocure machine mainly consists of curing drum , rolling bearing , adjusting roller on top and bottom , tension roller , steel belt , transmission system , nip adjusting device , steel belt...
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  • Conveyor Belt Curing Press

    Conveyor belt vulcanizing press machine is mainly used for vulcanizing ordinary rubber belt, such as nylon belt, PVG belt and other belts with textile core structure. It also can produce rubber...
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