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  • 90° Steel Fabric Cutting Machine

    The 90° steel cord fabric cutting machine is used to produce carcass cords in the radial tire production process. The machine is mainly composed of a guiding device, a fixed length conveying...
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  • Steel Ply Longitudinal Slitter

    steel ply longitudinal slitter machine is used to longitudinally cut the calendered plywood cord or film. The device adopts a new structural design, which makes the whole machine compact, reliable...
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  • Vertical Cutting Machine

    ertical cutting machine application : it is used to cut rubberized fabric into certain wide in certain angle , widely used in bias tryre and radial tyre making . fabric material could be nyloy ,...
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  • Rubber Cutting Machine

    Rubber cutting machine also called blade cutter , is used to cut the rubber block into small pieces for processing in the next process. Suitable for cutting natural rubber and other plastic...
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  • Inner Tube Curing Press

    Inner tube curing press is a machine to auto open and close mould to vulcanize tyre inner tube , it heat mold , pressure on mold . it consists of base , transmission system ,beam , cap , control...
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  • Rubber Cracker Mill

    rubber cracker mill machine used for reclaimed rubber industries,long life service,manual nip adjusting,bearing,one groove roll For reclaim rubber industry, normally we suggest rubber...
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  • Rubber Refiner

    rubber refiner mill machine is widely used for reclaimed rubber industries,long life service,manual nip adjust,bearing,best roll , For reclaim rubber industry , normally we suggest 3 or 4 refiner...
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  • Reclaim Rubber Strainer

    Application : it is used to clean impurities in rubber material or reclaim rubber , suitable for filtering shoes products and inner tubes etc.
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  • Calender Machine

    calender machine application: This calender is mainly suitable for calendering different width sheet products such as conveyor belt, rubber belt , etc. The tread buffer layer of tire factory is...
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  • Rubber Injection Molding Machine

    Vertical Type 1. FEATURE Prevent dead material remaining. Easy to replace different material&not wasteful. Applicable to all kinds of rubber materials. 2. MOLD CALIBRATION Available with slow...
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  • Vacuum Molding Machine

    Vacuum Molding Machine 1. MOLD CALIBRATION Available with slow mod calibration. 2. HEATING SYSTEM Uses SSR with fast heat-up without exceeding the limit 3. VACUMM SYSTEM Utilizes upward pull...
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