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Rubber Machines

Dalian Huahan Rubber & Plastic Machinery CO.,LTD.
  • Intermeshing Internal Mixer

    RUBBER(PLASTICS)INTERNAL MLXER MAIN TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION NOTE:The machine is divided into left or right diven. 01.The hydraulic pressure ram is controlled by automatic control system with high precision, high speed and high-strength and so on. 02. The bottom of the...
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  • Cable Compound Kneader

    This machine is widely used for rubber cable , HFFR material and other cable compound mixing . rubber kneader mixer/dispersion mixer chamber plated with chrome or wear-resistant hard metal.Hydraulic/worm tiling unload material Rubber kneader machine is with pneumatic ram...
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  • Wide-sheet Extrusion Calender Line

    It is an advanced technology production line especially for making thin thickness rubber sheet with less air bubbles . It consists of pin extruder machine and 2 roll calender machine , with cooling , winding system . It suit to make high quality rubber sheet ,printing sheet ,...
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  • Rubber Calender Machine

    1.The rolls are made of chilled cast iron with vanadium and titanium alloys. The roll face is hard and anti-wear. To heat up or cool down, the rolls are either circumferentially drilled or centrally bored so as to make temperature well proportioned on the roll surface. 2. The...
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  • Rubber Banbury

    RUBBER(PLASTICS)INTERNAL MLXER MAIN TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION NOTE:The machine is divided into left or right diven. The Rubber banbury mixer is also called rubber mixer, rubber internal mixer. It is mainly used for plasticating,mixing and final mixing the stock. Structure...
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  • EPDM Material Mixer

    RUBBER(PLASTICS)INTERNAL MLXER MAIN TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION NOTE:The machine is divided into left or right diven. rubber banbury internal mixer:two wing rotor,pneumatic ram,AC motor,drop door discharge material,mixing chamber good cooling,PLC Rubber banbury mixer also called...
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  • Final Batch Mixer

    Used for master final batch mixing of rubber, plastics, and the compounds, it is especially suitable for the rubber that requires high quality of dispersion, and uniformity.Rubber internal mixers also calle Banbury mixer are used for mixing or compounding rubber and plastics....
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  • Rubber Hose Material Mixer

    It suits for rubber hoses , rubber cable material and HFFR material for higher quality rubber cable compound mixing . This machine is quiet required to mixing compound for high pressure hoses , hydraulic hose , high temperature hose , etc , widely used for hose production...
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  • Double Screw Extruding Sheeter

    This new model TAPER TWIN-SCREW SHEETS PREFORMING MACHINE usage for the rubber compound mixing after DISPERSION KNEADER conveying to the hopper of this machine to go extruding and rolling for sheet. This machine not only simply to operate but also upgrading the work...
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  • Rubber Kneader Mixer

    This kneader is also called rubber dispersion mixer, rubber kneader. It is mainly used for rubber (plastic) mixing and plasticating. Widely used in various rubber products, cable material, shoe material, sports equipment, environmental protection and regeneration of chemical...
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  • Lab Kneader

    This machine most suitable kneading application for all kind Rubber, Plastic and Chemical material. This machine with following features: High quality processed products Easy for operate Easy for color change Total volume of mixing chamber 3L One batch rubber capacity 2.5~3kg...
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  • Tube Compound Kneader

    It is used to mix inner tube compound for tire / tube factory . Pressure ram device : Pressure ram device is installed on frame , and adopt pneumatic up ram , the working surface of ram contacted with the rubber is plated with hard chrome; inner ram has heating and cooling...
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