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Dalian Huahan Rubber & Plastic Machinery CO.,LTD.
  • One-time Automatic Mixing Line

    The one-time rubber mixing production line is combined with the open mill to realize the compression and mixing of the rubber compound. During the film circulation process, the two rubber materials can be oscillated back and forth along the axial direction of the roller to...
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  • Tire Compound Banbury Mixer

    Application: It is used for tire industry rubber compound mixing, plasticizing,stock mixing. Structure features: Chamber inner walls, discharge door, ram, and rotors of internal mixer are cooled by water with large cooling area to satisfy various mixing requirements...
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  • Twin Screw Extruding Sheeter

    It is coupled with internal mixer for extruding and sheeting rubber material which has been plasticated, pre-mixed and final-mixed. 1. The working surface of screw and barrel are fully plated with head chrome. 2.The sheeting rolls are made of chilled casting iron. The rolls...
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  • Tire Mixing Mill

    Tire mixing mill is used especially for tire industry, for mixing tire compound with high working efficiency, meet 24 hours continuous working requirements, size 24 inch and 26 inch and 28 inch, variable speed available to suit different formula, double output shafts with...
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  • Tire Calender Machine

    Tire calender machine for making tire rubber sheets and cushion sheet, four roll tire calender machine can make rubber and fabric coating, frictioning process as per tire plant process technology requirements, 4 motors drive calender with pre-load and cross device for higher...
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  • Tread Extruder

    Application For extruding and shrinkage after, exhaust line pressure, breaker cushion rubberizing, cooling, set-length cutting and weighing of tyre tread and sidewall for TBRTYRE and PCR. Top and bottom cavity locking hydraulic Die plate locking hydraulic Head top side...
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  • Tube Extruder

    Rubber extruder is used for extrudin g inner tube as semi- products, to match with down-stream machinery for complete production . This machine suits for inner tube extrusion, cooling, drying, drilled hole, stick inflating valve, press and cut in fixed length, all the action...
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  • Double Compound Extruding Line

    Application : The double compound extruding line unit is mainly used for continuous extrusion of semi-steel radial tires, all-steel radial truck tires, bias tires and engineering radial tire treads, sidewalls and apex, etc. Tire tread and other parts of the various parts of...
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  • Three Compound Extruding Line

    The three-compound extruding line is mainly used for continuous extrusion of semi-steel radial tires, all-steel radial truck tires and engineering radial tire treads, sidewalls and apex. The unit can be based on tire treads, etc. The different parts of the parts have...
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  • 0° Belt Production Line

    The purpose and characteristics of the machine The 0 degree steel belt layer is one of the main components of the steel radial tire. The 0 degree steel belt belt rubber compound extrusion production line is to form two sets of parallel steel wires, which are formed into two...
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  • Steel Ply Calender Line

    The steel ply calender line is used for the rolling line of the steel cord for calendering and laminating, the calendering calender and its linkage device: according to the requirements of the glueing operation, the linkage device for the continuous glue coating operation is...
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  • Tread / Sidewall Cooling Line

    The tread/side composite extrusion combined cooling production line consists of two parts : the main machine and the auxiliary line; the main machine consists of two or three pin type cold feed extruders. The hydraulic automatic compound tread/side extrusion head is equipped...
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